June 23, 2012

Mas Tacos Por Favor

Everyone I have met in Nashville has said, "you have to try the Mas Tacos food truck." It is the talk of the town and is even featured in a section of food trucks in Nashville Lifestyles magazine. So, I indulged in two tacos at one of the  Supper and Song events held at Imogene and Willies on 12th Ave South. I was hungry, and these were my impressions:

Menu: Like a true taco truck should be, the menu was simple and to the point. They offered three types of tacos: beef, chicken, and the vegetarian option was quinoa. I tried the beef and chicken and they were fabulous. The chicken was mild but, flavorful. The beef had a little kick to it (they amped up the spice with this one) but, it was certainly was not  spicy enough to clear your sinuses. Both of the tacos were topped with fresh cabbage and a sour cream sauce. Any of the tacos will go great with a Mexican coke or one of their hibiscus iced teas. From the sound of it, their menu changes frequently and they even have breakfast tacos.

Service: The girls making the food inside the truck were hard working and very friendly. They know how to prepare the tacos quickly and definitely deserve something extra in their tip jar.

Website: Mas Tacos 

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