I recently moved to Nashville, TN to begin graduate school at Vanderbilt University. I also plan to eat my way through this new city. After all, I come from a family that is obsessed with food. Indulging is our forte. Charles Isherwood talks about family foodies, and I chuckle at the similarities our families share. We too, "spend a lot of the time talking about what we have eaten, what we are currently eating, and what we will be eating next." 

 I plan to discover the best dining scene Nashville has to offer. Eye Spy Gourmet is dedicated to the culinary arts of fine food and drinking. Whether it be a home cooked meal, a hidden hole in the wall, or a high-end fine dining restaurant, I am continuously searching for the ultimate dining experience. Eye Spy Gourmet explores unique restaurants and provides critiques regarding the level of food preparation, high-quality ingredients, service, and overall experience. Whether you consider yourself to be a foodie, a hungry student, or simply enjoy eating out, Eye Spy Gourmet strives to provide accurate observations of dining experiences in Nashville and on the road.

Bon Appetite!