June 19, 2012

Miel Restaurant

Miel was recommend by some friends who have lived in Nashille for a long time, so my mom and I decided to give it a try. Even though it is a little far from the center of town, the atmosphere was very pleasant and the design, even the artwork, was all very appealing with a local flare. We were seated in the corner and our drink order was taken. The waiter explained to us that he had an assistant and she would be bringing us our drinks and sparkling water shortly. They arrived and we were off to a good start. I inquired about the history of the building and asked if it used to be an old garage but the assistant misunderstood and thought I was asking if my wine was a Grenache! For dinner, I started with the farm cucumber and tomato salad and ordered the pan seared scallops as an entre. My mom had the butter lettuce salad and the triple ranch beef sirloin steak as her entre. The waiter took our order and we enjoyed some warm bread and butter. 25 minutes passed. And few more after that. Finally, we were brought our food. It tasted great. The dishes gave off a crisp, summer, feeling and were not too heavy.

Menu: Miel’s menu is dynamic and serves food of the current season. There are a variety of items I that sounded very appealing to me. The food quality was very good. The scallops were large and cooked perfectly. They also came with fresh vegetables and a nice broth. The steak was cooked as ordered, medium-rare. However, it came already sliced and this may be a problem for male meat-eaters who would rather slice their own steak.

Service: While our waiter was very polite and good at his job, the restaurant was highly under-staffed and our waiter was too busy to give us proper care. After our main dishes were brought to the table, we did not hear back from him until it was time for dessert and the check. It is always appreciated when a waiter checks in with the table a few minutes after the meal is served. A simple, “How is everything tasting tonight? Can I get you anything else?” would suffice and bring extra tip points. For the waiter’s benefit, it is a great time for the customer to order another glass of wine too!

General Impressions: I will definitely return to Miel because the food was delicious and I am interested in trying new things on the menu. However, another night with such poor service might change my mind. 

Website:  Miel Restaurant

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