June 12, 2012

Table 3 Restaurant & Market

Table 3 Restaurant and Market advertises a French comfort food menu. There is a touch of new, contemporary design to the restaurant that contrasts with the Old World atmosphere. The menu contains typical French dishes including onion soup gratinée, crispy duck confit, fris ée aux lardons, cassoulet, duck breast, and beef bourguignon. There are daily specials and a large selection of cheese to choose from.

Between the three of us at our table, we ordered an onion soup gratinée, roasted beets and goat cheese salad, the pan seared sunburst trout, and the crispy duck confit. For dessert we shared the salted chocolate mousse and the vanilla bean crème brûlée.

Menu: The menu is traditional French with a nice variety of dishes, even for vegetarians. However, the pan seared trout should have been paired with a starch such as fingerling potatoes. The food quality was fine, but nothing stood out to be too exceptional. Although, the beet and goat cheese salad was very delicious and is something I am going to attempt to make at home.

Service: Our overly eccentric and quirky waiter was not the most pleasing part of the evening. He was always in a rush and acted as if we were taking too long to make decisions and order our food. As he was telling us the specials, we were acting as most people do - listening and reading the menu at the same time. This did not go over so well and the waiter was not happy with the fact that we were not making direct eye contact with him. He even said, “Well, it doesn’t look like any of you are interested in the specials since you are not listening to me.” Id say this waiter needs a lesson in customer service if he wants to receive a satisfactory tip!

Also, when one of us decided to order a salad to start and the onion soup as a main course, the waiter asked her if that was really what she wanted and even hinted that it was a bad idea to order two appetizers. Now, the bread issue: I understand that it says “bread service upon request” at the bottom of the menu. So, we asked for some bread and it arrived at the table as we were nearly finishing our entrees. Not so normal. Not to mention, it was cold and there were three slices, only one for each of us.

General Impressions: Having heard similar stories about the service from friends, and the fact that the food did not stand out to be exceptional, I would probably not return to Table 3 unless I needed a quick meal before going to the movie theater, where I would sit at the bar for dinner. 

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