August 9, 2012

Corn Salad and Grilled Chicken: an Easy Summer Dinner

We all know that corn is available year round, but sweet summer corn can't be beaten. Summer is not complete without a little corn in your belly and if you are like me, I have eaten corn 3 of the last 7 nights. There are multiple ways to serve corn, beyond the standard corn-on-the cob with a slab of butter, and my corn salad is one alternative.

Like many "salads," you can add or subtract any ingredients and it will still taste good. Most recently, I made my corn salad using the following ingredients:
  1. Corn, obviously.
  2. Grape tomatoes
  3. One (red) bell pepper
  4. 1/2 red onion
  5. 1 avocado 
  6. arugula
You can also add basil, jalapeno peppers, chives, or green onions. 
The healthiest way to make this salad is to chop up all of the above ingredients, steam the corn, and mix with some red wine vinegar or, my preference is to use Alessi White Balsamic Pear Infused Vinegar.

Other preparation options include shaving the corn off of the cob and sauteing it in butter. If you choose to add onions to the salad, but do not like the taste of raw onions, brown them in olive oil (or butter) using a cast iron skillet.

Lastly, the tip for using arugula is to slightly wilt it, so that it is softer. Do this by placing some arugula in your empty salad bowl. When you have cooked the corn, add the warm kernels, covering the arugula, so that they can naturally wilt the arugula.

Serve the salad as a side, or with grilled pork or chicken for a light summer dinner.

Corn salad with grilled chicken

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