August 26, 2012

The burrata is IN! Caprese Salad: simple and seductive

Yes, you probably agree that caprese salad is fairly simple. Just throw together the basic ingredients and voila. I agree. So, why am I spending the time to write about something so easy? Well, you are missing something, something very special. 

Caprese Salad. Sans burrata.


Have you heard of it? In Italian, this means, “buttered.” But we are not talking about butter. We are talking about burrata. Cheese at its freshest state. 

burrata cheese compliments of The Kitchn

Even though it is made from buffalo milk, it is NOT a type of mozzarella cheese. Trust me, is not the same. Not nearly the same. Burrata is so much better!

Imagine slicing into a ball of moist, fresh cheese, so soft and creamy. The center of the burrata ball oozes onto your plate. You cannot get it into your mouth fast enough.

Once you try a caprese salad with burrata, you’ll never go back to mozzarella. So rich and seductive, you’ll wish you had some in your own refrigerator to sneak in a midnight spoonful before bedtime. It’s that good.

Now, I must share a short story about my most recent experience with burrata. I was in charge of cooking dinner for 6 a few weeks ago in Telluride. The local tomatoes from the farmers market were perfectly ripe, so I decided that we would begin with a fresh caprese salad to start the night off right.

Thus began the search for burrata. Luckily, the cutest charcuterie cheese café just opened in Telluride and if they have any interest in proper cheese, they must sell burrata. They do. Perfect.

So, my friend Townsend and I ventured into town to buy some burrata. Unfortunately the café was sold out of burrata at the time. This was going to be a problem, because I was making caprese salad and like I said, once you try burrata, you can’t go back. Fortunately, however, the burrata was coming. The truck diver was only an hour away. All right, No problem; I’ll wait.

Who spends an hour waiting at a café for the burrata delivery? I do. Yes, and perfectly willingly. In fact, I was ready to skip a concert just to ensure that I was going to get my burrata.

The next time you make caprese salad, go for burrata! You'll thank me later.  

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