September 1, 2012

The Grilled Cheeserie

Waiting for cheese seems to be a current theme in my life. Whether it be for burrata in Telluride or for a grilled cheese in Nashville, I have spent a lot of my free time waiting for cheese.

This is the scoop on the Grilled Cheeserie. (It is a food truck, if you haven't heard.) They are very famous. 

Waiting in line for a grilled cheese.

Today, the line for the Grilled Cheeserie was very very long. Hungry people were waiting for over an hour! I too, waited for a long time so that I could try my second melt from the truck. Don't be discouraged. The line was long for two reasons: it is Labor Day weekend and it was parked at the first of many outdoor concerts at the Musicians Corner concert series in Centennial Park.

You can make your own melt by choosing your cheese, bread, and any extras such as bacon or tomato. Or, you can choose from various specialty melts, ranging from French-inspired to a Tex-Mex twist.

My experiences at the Grilled Cheeserie have been magical. I stumbled upon the truck at the Franklin Farmer's Market a few months ago and went for the classic gruyere/swiss blend and some tomato soup. I was equally impressed with the tomato soup as I was with the melt. It is obvious that their ingredients are fresh and local. Today, I created my own melt with buttermilk cheddar, bacon, and basil. The combination of sweet and salty was deeeeelicious!

Buttermilk cheddar, bacon, and basil melt

Honestly, I'm not so keen on long lines and don't think I'll wait that long again for a grilled cheese. But if you text "cheese" to 88000 or visit their website, you can track down this wonderful food truck and indulge in your own melt!

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