September 23, 2012

Eye Spy Gourmet....cocktails!

As I searched for the best of the best in the Nashville food and drink scene, I immediately came across the Patterson House. Ever since, it has been on my list of places to visit and I finally made my way over there this past Friday night.

The Patterson House can be described in three words:




As many reviews say, the atmosphere reminded me of an old speakeasy from the Prohibition Era. In fact, the next time I go, I should dress up in my 20's attire. That is, the 1920's, not the college student wardrobe. 

Everything about the Patterson House is thought out to a T and executed with the greatest sense of ease. Even the bills are presented in a unique way - they are brought inside the front cover of old books. 

Living only a few blocks away, this is the type of place where I could become a regular. The drinks are innovative and unique. The bartenders combine bitters with all types of liquor and create outstanding cocktails, some of which can be consumed all too quickly! I was with a group of 3 other girls and we were seated at a comfortable booth with a view of the bar and almost everyone in the house. With a cap at the door, there is often a wait to be seated. However, once you are inside, the mood is relaxed and easy going. Their motto should be, "Come. Stay a While." And that is exactly what you should do!

A sneak peak of their drink menu

Whether its a late night and you want to slowly sip on some whiskey, chat and snack with friends, bat your eyes at the attractive bartenders, or explore new flavors, you will have an enjoyable and exciting night at the Patterson House.

Patterson House
1711 Division St.
Nashville, TN 37203
Daily from 5:00pm - 3:00am

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